#NaPoWriMo Day 14


A writer of poetry in an old Victorian house
creaking with the weight of the travellers it bears
the dreamscape constantly shifts beneath my pen.
The journalistic writer exploded in a rouse
at the eccentric traveller who’s staying upstairs
his musical dreamscape blaring obnoxiously loud.
This old Victorian house has become a writer’s den
this dreamscape may devolve into a traveller’s shroud.


I really enjoyed today’s form challenge 🙂 Today’s prompt was a san san: rhyme pattern abcabdcd, 3 images repeated 3 times… In this case: writer, traveller, dreamscape. And yes – today is 14/4, yesterday was 13/4, I got quite ahead of myself!



Wish I was one of the characters in this poem, in this beautiful house!

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