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#Napowrimo Day 26

The Wild Rover has been stuck in my head all day long…No nay never… Thanks a lot Maureen. Sea Shanties were today’s prompt and I had fun trying to look up some I once sang back in Sydney at The Dock, Redfern. By ‘once’, I mean just the once, I loved it, but Monday night is a killer – I just want to sleep. Also, check out the 10 Manliest Sea Shanties here.

I really enjoyed today’s poet in translation, Netherlands’ Maarten van der Graaff. I loved the cultural references, the realism and the beats.

Anyway – back to Shanties – as much as I love Molly Malone, Bound for Botany Bay, Wild Rover, Spanish Ladies and more… you’d think I’d have been better equipped to hand today’s prompt….

Nope. Nada. Left it till the end of the day and it still doesn’t roll like it should. Stole a bit from Shakespeare that fit and even then? Ah well… So this is part today’s prompt and part a film review. I think I was inspired by how van der Graaff would go off on a tangent. Enjoy.

Tonight I saw Eye in the Sky
Cry havoc and let slip
Fatal hellfire rained down from high
Cry havoc and let slip

Helen Mirren was firm and Alan Rickman poignant
The Americans direct and the Brits indecisive
The everyday, juxtaposed;
The distance, amplified.

Tonight I saw Eye in the Sky
Cry havoc and let slip
Someone orders the dogs of war
Cry havoc and let slip


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