Today is a study day for me. I’ve left the work in the office to return to tomorrow and am spending the day half at home and half in the library instead (air conditioning!).


Today’s intention is to focus.

There are two textbooks and so many notes I have to get through and then test myself with questions. I need to focus my time and efforts wisely.

I may still be ‘young’ by many measures. But study does feel harder the more time passes. Part of it is the exams getting harder. Part of it is finding the motivation. Part of it is just having plain too much stuff dancing around in my head: memories, ideas, plans – I think, you get more of them the longer you walk the earth, it’s certainly true for memories.

The motivation for doing things changes. As a kid, I did it because I was told to. As a teen, more likely I was told not to, or that I couldn’t. In my early twenties, I loved the challenge and wanted to prove myself.

But now? What motivation will make me focus now?

Nobody is telling me I can or can’t do something.

The challenge and desire to prove myself, they are still there, but they burn out more easily. In many ways I have proven myself again and again and I wish I didn’t have to keep on proving. That desire isn’t enough to drive me anymore.

So how do I focus now?

Moment by moment. Letting go of the past. Visualising and dreaming the future. Then turning my eye to the present and what I can do in this moment to get me a little closer to that future.

How do you focus/ find motivation?


Three gratitudes for today:
1. For the lovely message that my husband wrote in my Valentine’s Day card.
2. For my little sister’s generosity in sharing her love and experiences – she recommended my new cushiony yoga mat and my practice feels amazing for the extra support.
3. For my girlfriends – our deep & meaningfuls, holding each other accountable for making choices that align with our health and well-being, and the many laughs. Waffles and pancakes all round! xx

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I accept Myself as I am.

I accept Life as it is.

I accept.


Acceptance is hard. I like escapism and daydreaming. It’s entertaining. It’s light. Sometimes it’s easier to distract myself, than it is to accept reality. The distractions of social media, TV, films, stories, are only ever a heartbeat away.

Sometimes acceptance is doing nothing and just letting the emotions be felt. Experienced. Acknowledged.

Sometimes acceptance is admitting a task is hard and pushing through with it because I know the outcome is so very worth it.

Sometimes acceptance is understanding the power of the present. Who I am, today, and where my life is at, today. In this moment. Now.

Every imperfection. Every flaw. As well as every light and beautiful part of it. All of it. I have so much to be grateful for 🙂


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The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Call it a Mantra, an Affirmation, an Intention – whatever word you have for it. It’s powerful.

I’m writing today about the single word (or cluster of words) that inspire me to be my best self each day. It might be a phrase that inspires mindfulness or confidence. It might help me to trust myself more, to step back and get out of my own way. It might help me work on something I know I’m struggling with, for example, being kind or assertive, or acting with self discipline.

I’m not much of a one for ‘positive thinking’. I don’t think that just by thinking positive things I can change everything around me. Suddenly, I’ll be rich. Suddenly, I’ll be the boss. Suddenly, everything will make sense and my purpose will be 100% clear instead of this fuzzy outline I play with everyday.

I like to believe I’m more of a realist than that.

But, I do think I can manifest positive energy and experiences by maintaining a healthy attitude and surrounding myself with people who are supportive and encouraging.

I’ve tried affirmation practice previously, after reading Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. Great book. But, it didn’t stick. Instead – it’s the Yoga With Adriene January challenges and feedback from career mentors that has really helped me recognise the power of words – of mantras, affirmations, setting intentions. Even if it’s just a word: Breath. Open. Allow. Trust. Balance. Release.

Words are powerful.

String them together, feel around them, the ideas, the emotions that they bring to the surface and that power is magnified. Speak them with intent. Relate them to your daily life – even the simple tasks, like washing the dishes.

‘I wash the dishes as an act of love to my family. A clean kitchen is important for preparing healthy food and keeping the air clean.’

Just ask my husband – I need a mantra for washing the dishes. It’s a task I find a chore, and often try to sneakily wait for him to do. Except, when I’m actually doing it, the motion of scrubbing, the act of cleaning, when I’m in the groove of it – it does feel good. I feel like I’m doing something useful, productive and important. That small act of self discipline, generosity and love … I really need to wash the dishes more often – especially when he’s done all the cooking!

Words can change how you feel.
Words can be the difference between a good day and a not so good day.
Words can change the whole world.

Without words…

I’m trying something new on the blog: sharing my mantras. Some days it will just be a word. Some days it will be a pep talk. I’m interested to see which themes repeat, which are easy to take on, and which do I struggle with or make me cry. What resonates – with me? With you?

This is very personal. It doesn’t matter how many quotes on instagram I read, or inspirational books, or podcasts or whatever. Writing my own is my way of feeling through it all. If these don’t resonate with you – maybe try writing your own too?


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I am self-reliant.

External stimuli are neutral until I choose to react to them.

As I see the world, hear it, taste it, touch it, smell it – these are only observations.

Pause, breathe, and then respond.

How I react is my choice.

Thoughts and feelings come and go. Sometimes they change direction like the wind. Other times they sink their teeth in and refuse to let go. Sometimes I jump out of bed with excitement. Other times it is an effort to wiggle my fingers and toes and my lungs feel weighed down with concrete.

I accept my thoughts and feelings as they are. They come from within me. I need to have them or feel them. But beyond that, nothing. I get to choose which thoughts and feelings I continue to entertain and explore after their initial inception.

I am self-reliant.

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Let it all go

My mantra or intention for today is to ‘let it all go’.

I spend so much time worrying about the past and the future. It can be effort to ground myself in the present. I get stuck, paralysed, by goodness only knows what kind of thoughts. Writing Freefall or Morning Pages helps me identify and acknowledge them. Yoga and meditation help me let them go. Drinking more water clears my head.

I focus on the simple things. One small task at a time, building up to a bigger and bigger picture – a whole day. Then again, at the end of the day, exercising the muscle of letting it all go to fall asleep.

I carry my tension in my body. In my shoulders, my gut, my face, my fingers. To let go of the thoughts, I have to relax my body.

There is so much literature and science on all this – I’m not going to go into it. But, this is how I feel it, in every muscle and tendon, in every thought that I try to treat like clouds passing my vision, as something that is temporary and passing if only I can learn to just let it all go.

Daydreamer x

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