#NaPoWriMo Day 28

  Tea, paper and a pen are an expectant morning gift to the self The kettle filled with fresh water whistles impatiently What happens behind the bathroom door is none of your concern Feet hit the floor gently, eyes searching for socks/slippers/thongs – anything but the cold surface Limbs stretch upwards and outwards, back arches,… Read More #NaPoWriMo Day 28


#Napowrimo day 27

The moth’s wings are pressed flat underneath the glass in the shape of a heart. How did she slip ‘twixt the painting and the frame, it bulges at the top. Did she spend much time trapped there, flying about? Or was she wedged quickly? Was death swift? Merciful? Or did she watch on as we… Read More #Napowrimo day 27

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#Napowrimo Day 26

The Wild Rover has been stuck in my head all day long…No nay never… Thanks a lot Maureen. Sea Shanties were today’s prompt and I had fun trying to look up some I once sang back in Sydney at The Dock, Redfern. By ‘once’, I mean just the once, I loved it, but Monday night… Read More #Napowrimo Day 26


#napowrimo day 25

Never shall a young man, thrown into despair By the release date of the next DC film, Be thought to give a care If the next Marvel film is running so late Chris Evans can’t pass as an ageless Captain or the Hulk loses weight. That two households, both alike in dignity, should spark such… Read More #napowrimo day 25


#napowrimo day 24

Meet my three most favourite fancy words: a myriad of bobby pins fall into an inchoate pile an ephemeral chore to tidy This week’s prompt was a mix and match poem. Take fancy words and match them with every day words. I won’t make it any longer than this because I have had these three… Read More #napowrimo day 24


#napowrimo day 23

Okay – today is the sonnet prompt and I’m just way too intimidated by all the rules and possibly concussed for unrelated reasons … So I’m going off-prompt… Lune by word count … Sweet sonnets, songs and serenades Soothe the soft And sensitive souls of sisters


#NaPoWriMo Day 22

rivulets run in mazes across the surface of the riverbank sand air bubbles form, popping and sucking two beady eyes, like red LEDs peering a guttural croak from mouth unseen the insect legs rubbing together a ripple and flash of scales beneath there’s more than eels in the lake says my my dad the current… Read More #NaPoWriMo Day 22