I want to fight like a girl

Like Celaena Sardothien in Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass series.  Like Alanna or Keladry of Tamora Pierce’s many novels set in Tortall.  Like in Girls of the Wild’s, the Korean manhwa webtoon series written by Hun and illustrated by Zhena (Kim Hye-jin).  Like Sailor-moon. Like Mulan. Like Boudicca. Like Diana of the Hunt. Like… Read More I want to fight like a girl


Where I Write

The Australian Writers’ Centre Newsletter┬áis one of the few I receive that I regularly read. They don’t send it too often. The format is predictable and the quality is high. I almost always get a giggle out of it. It has fun quizzes. It tells me stuff I want to know. It also takes submissions… Read More Where I Write


Opening Lines

What is in a good opening line? Is it worth agonising over weeks on end? Is it the first thing you write or the last? What makes you keep reading the second line, the third and so on? Can you fail the first line, but have a great first page, or first chapter? So many… Read More Opening Lines