#NaPoWriMo Day Two

Today there are two of us
sitting by the pond, watching
the brooding moorhen in it’s nest
the koi fish swarming below.

They nibble at the twigs
or some unseen element of construction.
Her black wings rustle perturbed,
red beak peering over the edge.

Do her eyes perceive light and colour as we do?
Can she see the shimmering koi stretching twice her length?
Or, can she only feel the nest shifting beneath her, drifting?
Where is her mate?

Today there are two of us
sitting by the pond.
I hold his hand a little tighter.  

Day two and NaPoWriMo can also be called GloPoWriMo for Global instead of National. I quite like that 🙂
Today’s prompt was family portrait. 


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