#NaPoWriMo Day 28


Tea, paper and a pen are an expectant morning gift to the self
The kettle filled with fresh water whistles impatiently
What happens behind the bathroom door is none of your concern
Feet hit the floor gently, eyes searching for socks/slippers/thongs – anything but the cold surface
Limbs stretch upwards and outwards, back arches, toes flex, calves flex
Anything to open my eyes: I scroll through emails, blogs, Twitter, Facebook,
I roll over and hug my heavy sleeping lover
The alarm goes off, belatedly as usual
I wake up to silence

Today’s prompt from Maureen was to write a story backwards. She recommended not making it complicated 😉

In my reading and writing I love time play – whether it’s about time travel, or a story that unfolds in a non-linear way, I love it just the same. Sarah Waters is a fascinating author known for this and I highly recommended her if you enjoyed this challenge.

Two days left!