#NaPoWriMo Day 29 | I remember … the pleasure of reading as a child

I remember when I used to sit on the verandah and read
I remember that I’d wear short black shorts and an oversized white t-shirt
I remember I’d sit with my hair out, and sometimes it was salty from the beach
I remember peering over the blue and pink hydrangeas to the road beyond and watching the neighbours get into their cars and drive away for the day

I remember smelling the books before I read them, they were from the library and each looked different to the last
I remember the thrill of seeing a stained page, a dog-tagged corner, an underlined passage and knowing that someone had been there before me
I remember sitting for hours, pretending I wasn’t being called back into the house to clean my room or unstack the dishwasher
I remember the heat of the summer and the cold sweat that would gather under my pits when the novel got really intense and I just couldn’t put it down because I had to (I had to!) I had to find out what happened next

I remember the stack that I’d carry from the library of five or seven each time and the joy of choosing which to read first
I remember the guilt of knowing that some I would not read, some the cover and the blurb were enough, or the first few pages
I remember the joy of finding an author I loved and devouring all their work, visit after visit
I remember the pain of knowing that the library was missing a book in a set and not knowing how I would be able to live without it

I remember when reading turned to writing and the immense pleasure that was to be found as equally in a blank notebook as it was in one filled with the skilfully placed words of the published authors I admired


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  1. What a wonderful remembering! That last paragraph got me. That thrill is something that drives me to hand write before typing my work in. I love tactile thrill of the page and pen. It evidence that I have created something

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