One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you, Deepina, for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award. What a lovely way to find new blogs!

I am new to blogging, and my first reaction was a little apprehensive. I had no idea that bloggers awarded each other in this way. (Now I see otherwise… !)

Reading that blogging is Deepina’s solace, her escape and her passion – and how excited she was about these awards – encouraged me to accept.

As one does, I had a look around at the trail of who has been nominated in the past. I’m very excited by all the new blogs I’m finding to add to my reader.

I am honoured to join the list. Blogging is definitely a labour of love, one I look forward to cultivating more in the future. Thanks for open the world of blogging a little wider, Deepina.


Seven things about myself:
  1. I like new words – words that sound gorgeous and have interesting meanings; that is one of the reasons I joined NaPoWriMo 2016

  2. I love studying history, particularly through fiction and biographies

  3. I am interested in mental health issues and how they relate to the gut and hormones; reading about this helps me understand myself better

  4. I love looking at other people’s travel photographs and hearing their stories

  5. I’m interested in climate change science and politics: how different places are adapting to change and the research that is taking place

  6. I grew up near a beach, though I don’t live by one now, and I miss the calming sound of waves

  7. I’m Taurean 

My nominations

Don’t worry about accepting or not – you do you. Just thank you for being here x

  1. Destination: everywhere – Mrs Suvi blogs a lot about travel, and lately in London, which is where I have moved. I love reading her thoughts on places I’ve visited.

  2. Peace, Love and Patchouli – Another blog like Deepina’s that views the world through gorgeous glasses and inspires.

  3. Rivrvlogr – Ken G. is a poetic powerhouse – I love his rhythms and rhymes and want to thank him for his support during NaPoWriMo2016.


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