Tapping out of the ring

I am a boxer tapping out of the ring. I live to write another day.

I have plans – big plans! – for my book(s), for my blog, for dabbling in many different avenues of writing and learning more about writing. I can hardly wait!

This week though, I have to tap out – take the pressure off. I want to do this. I will make the time! But, I won’t flay myself for missing a day or a week or a month even.

Goodness knows any temporary online silences will be loud enough with ideas pounding in my head and frantic scribblings on the page in frenzied stolen moments.

But, when

  • you change countries and are trying to change jobs into a new professional industry
  • you’ve left your family and many friends behind
  • you’re newly engaged
  • you’re living in an airbnb in a room with a bed and a desk and a couch, and in that single room you sleep at night and work-from-home by day; or at least, that’s the plan 😉
  • you struggle periodically with anxiety and an attendant touch of hypochondria and imposter feelings

It’s good to know when to give yourself time and space for self-care.

A little self love and forgiveness.
Accept yourself as you are. Allow yourself to just be. To breathe.
Do the minimum.

At times like this, I need my full bag of tricks on me and an awareness of when to use each for maximum effect. More on my bag of tricks another day, if you’re interested, but for now, I’m grateful they are working and I am enjoying England in spring. 

My headspace will clear soon enough from all the things that have to be done, and I will get to enjoy again what I want to do: write.