In need of a Writing Reboot?

I set a goal for 31 July 2016 to reach the 30,000 word target of my novel. I’m still about 10,000 off. I’ve been stuck just below 20,000 for the last few weeks, and just can’t seem to get past it. Tonight will be the night!

Does this ever happen to you? What was the reason? Was it a good reason or did you kick yourself after? 

I think this happened to me:

  1. I didn’t make time
    After a thoroughly productive month of #WriteABookWithAl on Twitter & Facebook with Allison Tait, I got complacent. I let the daily habit slip.
    Al has this fantastic trick of #500in30 where you sit down for just 30 minutes and write 500 words, a few paragraphs. You can be anywhere. Desk or cafe, car or bus stop. Some days will suck, you won’t make 500; other days will be awesome, 1000+ words! Last month, this really worked for me, this month, I could have done it more.

  3. I underestimated the impact of major life changes

    • I’m changing jobs, last one finished on Wednesday, new one starts Monday.
    • My fiancé and I sat down and set a time and location for our wedding. After to-ing and fro-ing a bit over the last few months, the final ‘we both want this, and we want it like this’ moment was organic and exciting. Planning has begun!
    • We’ve also been house hunting in London for a rental property – please, no, not ever again – we move in early September

  5. I’ve been honing my craft
    The Australian Writers Centre: Creative Writing Stage 1 course is brilliant and inspiring! I have learned so much. I consider it an act of ‘filling the form’, contributory to the manuscript, and my overall development as a writer.
    Lately, I have been getting stuck: issues with character and plot, a lack of a sense of place or motivation. The AWC course nutted through a lot of the issues I was facing. It has armed me with tools to progress.  I’m optimistic!

  7. Word kinda sucks for long documents like novels
    Yes. Yes it does. I’ve been hearing about Scrivener for ages now. It really appeals to me. I have spent the last few days going through the tutorial and importing my work over. Already excited about the new view of my work and special features of this tool.

New goal for August

To write every damn day!

No lofty word counts. Lots of short bursts of #500in30, or my cheat of #400in20, after I’ve spent the first 10 of 30 on social media or trying to think my way into writing instead of writing my way into the work.

New job – you are just going to have to behave and keep to your own hours.

Anyone want to join me in a #WriteABookWithAl August Reboot?

I’ll be tweeting about my progress here.

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  1. My writing goal wasn’t met for July because other aspects of life got in the way – it’s frustrating+ at times, but it happens… determined to make in up in August. Best of luck to you, and happy writing.

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