A Bullet Journal Addict with messy handwriting


I’m a #BuJo Addict. I’m only a few months into it, but I love it. If I didn’t, it wouldn’t have made it past a week ­čśë

I not a calligrapher. My handwriting is a mess. I can barely draw. I most certainly can’t make a straight line without a straight edge. And yet, I’m now a bona fide bullet journaller.

Make no mistake – I salivate over the insta #BuJo porn. I seek out inspiring YouTube vids and #BuJo blogs like chocolate in the afternoon slump. I just can’t recreate them, and I don’t try anymore. My first few collections were a little pretty, and that’s enough for me. So long as I can read it I’m happy.

What I love about bullet journalling is the basic idea set out here by Ryder Carroll.

The future log, monthly log and daily log helps me prioritise and schedule.

Collections satisfy my compulsion to make lists.

The index and page numbering helps me find all the things. All the things!

And the bonus? I write more, journal more, record more, because it is so easy and all together.

I used to have a hundred slips of paper flying about my desk, my backpack, my house- everywhere! Now, I #BuJo.

I keep a Leuchtturm 1917 upon the expert advice of the wonderful Kara of┬áBoho Berry┬áfor personal use. I┬ástarted a second #BuJo for work only this week (it will stay┬ácemented to the desk, I’m not bringing it home!) with the stationary they provided. I must say: I prefer my┬áLeuchtturm 1917, but it will serve.

I feel so much more on top of things when they are out of my head and on paper. I love the satisfaction of crossing things off. Knowing that this is the last page of my #BuJo that they will grace. Filling up the next page with all sorts of new activities, reminders and ideas.

Are you a listmaker?

I remember reading The Listmaker by Robin Klein. It was years ago now, but it has always stuck with me.

I make lists. Lots of them. Do you?

Do you #BuJo? Why or why not?


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    1. Haha I wonder if we outnumber the calligraphers? They do make it look so beautiful though. Inspiring x
      Thanks for visiting and commenting ­čÖé

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    1. Bullet Journalling – it can be like keeping a diary. Or a collection of to do lists or other notes. There’s a basic format, but beyond that you can make it your own.

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