Be Proactive

I knew which habit I sucked at most rather early into reading Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Did you notice the silence lately? That was a distinct lack of proactivity.

I did the quiz thingy after. It’s official. But who needs a quiz when you just know.

Putting first things first, prioritising, also not a strong point. Of course, it would help if I had a strong handle on what the first things are. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I want is more sleep, even if I’ve had hours. When I get to work, the first thing I want is to sip tea and check emails – even though I know that’s not productive.

Beginning with the end in mind is my third worst of the habits. Is that part of being a daydreamer? There are so many possible ends, how do I pick just one?

Private victories. My weaknesses.

I can keep at a proactive bent for a while. It’s easier if there is some external motivation: team to play sport with, people to run with, fellow NaPoWriMo bloggers to keep me on track. But without that external motivating force? Relying only my internals?

This is why I eat eggs on toast when it’s just me, but will roast a chicken or two when I have guests over.

So this is my new personal motto: be proactive.

I want to build that internal muscle. Interdependency is great – but I’ve got to bring my own self to the table first otherwise it’s just dependency.

Even now, when I’m coughing a lung up after a holiday to Dallas gave me allergies to bring back to chilly London, I’m trying to be proactive on the small things like washing dishes, and clothes, and bullet journalling daily and some of the big things – like this blog 🙂

Start small, fire up.

What habits do you want to build? How do you work on being proactive?