Nanowrimo 2016 

I recently read this article titled ‘3 signs you should give up on your story’ by K M Weiland. In summary, the answer is RARELY.

But after sitting on the same idea for more than ten years and getting lost over and again and losing motivation over and again. I’ve called it. I may return to it one day, but for now, it’s getting parked and I’m trying a different project.

It just felt so stale. So unfocused.

Writers often talk about how their characters speak to them. I feel like mine have stopped. Like childhood pen-pals that no longer reply.

Another article suggested that you write what you read. The stories that you cancel on people IRL to keep on reading.  (Sorry – I can’t find the link now 😦 usually I keep this stuff)

For me, that’s YA. It’s futuristic. It’s dystopian. It’s romance. It’s sci fi, otherworldly, but based on our world. An extension of the world we live in. The story I’ve been trying to write doesn’t tick as many of those boxes as it could.

So, a couple of days in to Nano, after having written nothing on the work I’ve been attempting again this year, I gave up.

I have started fresh. My last post began to deal with this question. The idea of 1667 words a day seemed too daunting and I didn’t want to give up my old story. The former holds true. 1667 a day is still daunting, but as to trying something new?

I met a couple of new young characters who are sometimes feisty and sometimes afraid. I’m getting to know them and the future world they live in. I’m excited.

I’m behind … Already. 1667 a day is incomprehensible to me. But I will try, some days.

I think the plan is to put aside a few hours over the weekend and try catching up as much as I can. My main goal is to reignite the passion and to push past the mental roadblocks that have stopped me from finishing in the past.