The end of NaNoWriMo 2016

So I got 12,670 words. NaNoWriMo 2016 got off to a halting start and fizzled to a stationary end. 

I’m Grateful. Disappointed. Excuse-making. Proud. Conflicted. Whirl-pooling. My general anxious stressing heady self.

Stop. Breathe. That was my November motto. December is kicking off with: kindness and compassion – to myself as well as others.

So what happened with my Nano? It is a new story. It picks up a lot of old ideas I’ve played with over the years; synthesises them into something new. Science fiction. Post apocalyptic. Teenage. 

I’m still excited about it. But I got stuck and busy and I parked it. 

I don’t know which end of the thread to pick up again. Maybe I could break it up into small chunks? Try tackling it in small pieces.

The big thing is, I need to commit. I need to take this seriously. Either this nano story or the other novel idea I’ve been working his year: the time travelling romance. Or both in alternating fashion.

That sounds hard in someways and easier in others. I often read a couple of stories at the same time, keeping track of the different characters and plots, switching to whichever I feel in the mood for. Why not write in the same way?

Has any writer-blogger here tried working on two story ideas at once?

Did you win NaNoWriMo?

p.s. Come join me on Twitter as I join Al Tait in the #writeabookwithal hashtag. Keep the NaNoWriMo spirit kicking.

2 thoughts on “The end of NaNoWriMo 2016”

  1. Naw, it’s okay. At least you started it and 12,000 plus words is still good!
    I have worked on multiple books at once… four books at once in fact.. I don’t recommend it. It is best if you work on one at a time but if you get stuck on one don’t force it but work on the other one instead. 🙂
    As for NaNoWriMo I managed to get the 50,000 words (though the novel isn’t even near finished) but I did have to write 10,000 words on the final day which took me to 11:30pm XD I was also stuffing sugar and caffeine into me for most of it…

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