Name update


I changed my name!

I was hiding behind a pen name and a curtain of hair. The curtain is still there, blonde as ever, but I’m now going by real name, Jessica.

I had a myriad of reasons for using the pen name. The only one that really matters is that I was afraid. I still am. The internet can be a murky place.

The reason for the name reveal is accountability. A sign to myself, and to you, that this journey I’m on is with my whole self, not a splinter I call by a different name.

The three-month silence? I’ve been busy changing my surname too. Getting married has been a huge and wonderful adventure. It brought out the best in all my family and friends. I have never felt so in love with husband and the people around me. I’m still drunk on the high of that night.

Our celebrant was very romantic and kept a part of the ceremony secret from us. She asked us separately to name three things we loved about each other. We both listed ‘sense of humour’ – he’s not a father yet, but he’s got the Dad jokes sorted and they crack me up every single time. I added his generosity and grounding nature. Mr H. described my honesty and sense of adventure.

This post is me holding true to both those characteristics.

I am seriously excited to be starting the Australian Writer’s Centre 30-day Creative Writing Bootcamp this week. I’ve been reading so much lately. You can check out my Recently Read list here. Loving getting lost in so many different worlds.

I hope you can forgive the last 12 months of being Catherine. I’m excited to now meet you as myself, Jessica. Or Jesi, as my much younger self always insisted. Please say hello!

Jesi xx