The Obernewtyn Chronicles

I Finished The Obernewtyn Chronicles! Capital F!

Reading one through seven novels over the past few weeks has been an all-consuming epic adventure. Love to my husband for bearing with me. I gave him regular updates on the characters, all the while begging more time to spend with them. Eyes glistening, hugging my kindle.

The first novel was first published in 1987 and the seventh in 2015. I think I read several of the earlier novels around 2003? Maybe? Too long ago to remember more than the barest glimpses, but recent enough to still want to know how the saga ended. So I went to the start and read them all back to back.

It was very rewarding 🙂 Highly recommended.

The series is a post-apocalyptic fantasy by Australian author Isobelle Carmody. It follows the life and adventures of Elspeth Gordie, a heroine possessing powerful mental abilities. The supporting characters are richly developed over the course of the chronicles. The subplots, twists and turns, are as intriguing as they are numerous.

These characters have stayed in my heart at least a decade. I’m sure I will carry them with me always. I suspect I am not alone. Check out the Facebook page and fan website if you are interested.

Jesi x