Weekend coffee share

If we were having coffee this weekend, it would be at Burgate Coffee house in Canterbury. I ordered a single shot flat white with almond milk, which made you laugh. I can’t handle more than a single shot of coffee … about once a week. I’m way to sensitive to the caffeine. As for the almond milk, er well, I prefer the nutty flavour and have been avoiding dairy for a little while for my stomach.

I was with friends in Canterbury this weekend checking out the Cathedral and wandering around the town. It was really nice – had some very pretty gardens – and old walls and gates. The crypt of the Cathedral was very peaceful. It was being set up for a wedding and looked very romantic. The train from London felt long, but is probably one of the shorter trains I’ve caught in England, cheaper too, for booking in advance.

I got in plenty of reading and am almost finished Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. Loving it! Given that I usually adore highlander romances and have a special interest in time travel – this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. I love the references to local mythology like waterhorses and changelings. The treatment of the witchcraft arc was so powerful! It’s a great window into the history of the Jacobite era.

I haven’t visited Doune Castle (pictured) just yet, but I hope to in August. It features in the TV series of Outlander, and in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The latter is how I hope to entice my husband on the trek. It’s about an hour’s drive from Edinburgh, or closer to two hours by public transport.

Have you been to Canterbury Cathedral or Doune Castle? Are you an Outlander fan or Monty Python fan?