London Film and Comic Con and YALC

I made it! My first comic con and literature convention. It was awesome! I loved it 🙂

My friend has a Back To The Future poster that was signed by almost all the stars. Tom Wilson who plays Biff was there and completed the set, except for Crispin Glover, who he reckons he is unlikely to get.  He also got photos with Tom and Christopher Lloyd! 

I was more interested in the talks. We saw the two of them chat about BTTF and their favourite actors. We also saw Alan Tudyk. He’s a favourite of mine from Firefly, Dollhouse, Rogue One and all his voice over work. Incredible talents. They were all so kind as well!

Other stars there on the day included Benedict Cumberbatch, buried under hundreds of fans; Natalie Dormer, looking absolutely stunning; Allison Hannigan, couldn’t get near her! So my inner fan girl was just melting into a puddle on the floor. Peter Mayhew was in the house, I like that Wookiee. 

The costumes were incredible. There was not as much cosplay as I expected, but there were some really brilliant outfits. My favourites were a lego batman in his bathrobe with a lobster on a plate, Kaylee from Firefly in her frilly pink dress and the Stark family complete with Ned’s severed head. 

At the Young Adult Literature Convention, there was V E Schwab, Holly Bourne and Emily Lockhart amongst others. I wandered around adding more and more books to my Goodreads Want To Read list. I feel like I’m spending so much time catching up on reading that I’m a little behind. There are not enough hours in the day. 

Interesting to see how social media is changing the industry. There were a number of stalls for book boxes. I’ve seen a lot of these on Instagram. They are so creative, often filled with knick knacks as well as new reads. I plan to subscribe to a one when I get back to Sydney. Suggestions?  Most likely a YA one …

Have you ever been to a comic con or a literature convention? What was your favourite experience?