NaNoWriMo Update

Nearly 5000 new words on the WIP. Yay! 

I’m a bit of a NaNo Rebel:

  • I’m working on my current novel, not starting a new one. 
  • I’m doing a little bit of editing/ rewriting, but only the bare minimum so I can keep going on. Some of the words I wrote last NaNo and they need a tweak and more exposition.  My writing suffers a bit from talking head syndrome, so mostly the editing is fleshing things out. 
  • I’m okay with not hitting 1667 words every day. I have a demanding job and a husband who is too much fun to be able to closet myself away everyday to write. 
  • I need down time. Meditation/ Exercise/ coffee with a best girl xx 

How are you going with NaNo?