Let it all go

My mantra or intention for today is to ‘let it all go’.

I spend so much time worrying about the past and the future. It can be effort to ground myself in the present. I get stuck, paralysed, by goodness only knows what kind of thoughts. Writing Freefall or Morning Pages helps me identify and acknowledge them. Yoga and meditation help me let them go. Drinking more water clears my head.

I focus on the simple things. One small task at a time, building up to a bigger and bigger picture – a whole day. Then again, at the end of the day, exercising the muscle of letting it all go to fall asleep.

I carry my tension in my body. In my shoulders, my gut, my face, my fingers. To let go of the thoughts, I have to relax my body.

There is so much literature and science on all this – I’m not going to go into it. But, this is how I feel it, in every muscle and tendon, in every thought that I try to treat like clouds passing my vision, as something that is temporary and passing if only I can learn to just let it all go.

Daydreamer x

2 thoughts on “Let it all go”

  1. Yes! I can totally relate to worrying too much about the past and the future, that today somehow gets hijacked.
    I’m trying to concentrate more on the present, and writing helps me to focus better on little moments that would previously have passed me by.
    Beautifully written, Jessica 😊


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