Finding wisdom in my circle

Lenny Letter’s horoscope for Taurus for February:

(April 20 to May 20)

The term homo sapiens is Latin for ‘wise man’, but what does wisdom mean to you? This month, consider the wisest people you have known. Look for their commonalities. Was it curiosity, kindness, patience, and/or something else that allowed them to convey what they knew to you in a way that you could hear it? Prioritize this quality.

This is not your typical horoscope. I love it!

The above list is good. But that’s the stuff I feel like I know already.

~ Curiosity – an inquisitive and open mind, to always be learning.
~ Kindness – if you can’t be kind to other people, you really can’t expect it in return.
~ Patience – so many of the juicy things in life take time to find, to achieve, to understand and appreciate.

I’ve looked to my circle of family and friends, and mentors over the years, to see the qualities I think makes them wise. So to the people I love, I hope you see yourselves below, because you’re all there in one way or another. These are in no particular order.

~*~ Be present. It’s important to be comfortable with yourself and the present moment. We don’t need to fill every minute with conversation, entertainment or distraction. Sometimes just breathing is the most important thing you can do.

~*~ Be generous. With your time, your skills, your heart. Just because.

~*~ Know your worth. People can only make you feel inferior if you let them.

~*~ Seek your purpose – You may not know the whole of it right now, but I think working towards figuring it out is important.

~*~ Take life lightly. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. Dance with your whole silly and wonderful self. Try new things. Smile. Laugh. A lot.

~*~ Minimalism. Let go of clutter: physically and mentally. You don’t have to hold onto things you no longer need.

~*~ Appreciate quality and keep your eyes open for a bargain. Investing for the long term is more rewarding than short term satisfaction.

~*~ Work hard. Nothing comes from Nothing. The only way to change your life and achieve your goals is to put the hours and the effort in.

What would you add to this list?