The Muse can go hang

Writers write.

That’s what they say. They don’t say that writers write well every time they sit down to write. Just that they write.

I’m torn between two scenarios:

One, believing that the Muse can go hang. That I sit down daily to write without her. Maybe she’ll show up once I begin, maybe she won’t. But I need to have the discipline to sit down and begin anyway.

Two, being gripped by the fear that when I write without the Muse, the words will come out grey and flat. Lifeless. Uninspired. Uninteresting. Every word, every turn of phrase, will be dull and boring and no one will ever want to read it.

Which is where the next line of writerly wisdom becomes really important… You can’t edit a blank page.

So I’m raising a glass to the Muse and telling her to go hang. I need pages and pages of words if I’m going to make a book out of them any time soon.