Happy New Year

Twenty nineteen invites me to see the year as an invitation.

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 9.48.30 pm

It’s that time of year where people set intentions and goals. A time when we look backwards and forwards and sometimes get so caught up in the holiday season we forget to breath.

This is a moment. A precious moment. I am here and I am human.

inhale. exhale.

I’m looking back with gratitude:

  • I’m living in beautiful sunny Sydney surrounded by loving family and friends
  • I attended the RWA annual conference and met a lot of fellow writers who were incredibly kind and inspiring
  • I am working in an industry I am passionate about with colleagues who are talented and supportive.

I’m looking forward to the summons of 2019, the encouragement, the temptation, the allure, the pull:

  • International travel is a magnet that invites us to visit many new places in the world
  • The sunny Gold Coast is calling us to move interstate later in the year
  • There are 365 days of opportunities for me to practice my writing and my yoga, to sing and laugh and play with this one life.

An invitation involves a softening, a kind and gentle question, and a listening for an answer. It doesn’t say I should or I must or I have to. It asks what if I tried this? Even for a few minutes or a single day.

What invitations does 2019 hold for you?