A Room With A View at The Genesian

We were lucky enough to catch A Room With A View directed by Mark Nagle at the Genesian Theatre in Sydney before the run finished. It was a fantastic production.

As usual the Genesian cast sparkled with talent far beyond the amateur nature of the theatre. Phoebe Atkinson was wonderful as the young Lucy Honeychurch, the story’s protagonist.

The stage was ingeniously set complete with Sacred Lake and the famous carriage ride (no mean feat given the constraints of this beloved venue). The Genesian stain glassed windows were on full display the entire play.

Mark Nagle’s direction beautifully captured the youth of the characters, the subtle nuances of budding romance pitted against societal expectation.

More about the play from the Genesian website: “While on holiday in Florence with her older cousin, Lucy Honeychurch has an encounter with a young man that changes the course of her life. Falling under the positive & negative influences of a colourful group of people – Lucy must choose between Duty & Convention or Love & Desire.

A magical story of young love. This new adaptation preserves all the delight of Forster’s novel as we transport you from Florence, Italy to England and back again!”

Starting March 23rd at the Genesian is Enright on the Night.