On the Basis of Sex

I went into this film not really knowing what it was about. I love Felicity Jones. Like Crazy and Rogue One are favourites. Theory of Everything was fantastic. Chalet Girl was … well… it was a fun romp, I’ll give it that.

Felicity shone as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, capturing both her grace and strength, tempered by moments of doubt and setbacks.

In the first few minutes Ruth was seen fighting for her own place at Harvard, mothering a toddler, dealing with the blow of learning that her husband had testicular cancer (very low chance of survival at that time), caring for him as well as the toddler, and studying his classes as well as her own. I was in awe and the real substance of the story hadn’t even started.

Armie Hammer as Ruth’s husband was well sigh… what can I say. My girlfriend and I came out of the cinema thinking they were the perfect couple. The chemistry, the sweetness, the support. Yes you read that right. Support. Portrayed wasn’t a marriage of equals or inequals, but balance and support. If one dropped the ball, the other caught it and handed it back kindly.

As for the legal and political content… wowser. I’m grateful I’m a woman of the age I am now.

We may have a long way to go as humans, all of us, but we’ve come along way too. So thank you Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and to all the other humans who’ve come before.

It’s still at cinemas in Australia if you’ve got time to check it out. Highly recommended.