White Day

There is the part of me that loves … and I mean LOVES romance … and hence both Valentines Day (or Galentine’s) and White Day.

There is also the sceptic in me who knows that White Day was created in Japan by the National Confectionary Industry Association as the answer to Valentine’s Day. It started as Marshmallow day. But everyone knows chocolate is better than marshmallows unless you can have both. Mmm s’mores.

In several countries, White Day is celebrated on 14 March, exactly one month from Valentine’s Day. Whilst Valentine’s Day is reserved for women gifting chocolates, White Day is when the men who received the chocolates return the gift.

I first learned about in manga. I want to say from Skip Beat! But I only read that more recently. So I suspect it was an earlier obsession that first introduced me. Skip Beat’s White Day celebrations are the most memorable. Ah Ren. You silly man.

Are you celebrating White Day with your loved one?

I’m not. The sceptic holds the purse strings. That and I ditched Valentines this year to spend the night at the theatre with my beautiful Mumma. The Hubby and I exchanged some lovely cards and are planning ahead instead. We have something special planned for our 2nd wedding anniversary 😉