Joyful – Ingrid Fetell Lee

Does it bring you joy?

Joy isn’t just the realm of Marie Kondo’s life changing magic of tidying up. In fact, Ingrid would argue that Marie’s method creates the physical and emotional space for her research on joy to come in and fill the gaps.

Ingrid’s treatise on what is Joyful examines the surprising power of ordinary things to bring extraordinary happiness.

That moment when you see a favourite colourful flower in bloom, or better yet, a whole field of them.

The joy of playing ball in a field of wild grass under a warm sun with a light breeze catching at you.

Confetti. Balloons. Hoola hoops. Polka dots. Brightly painted staircases or buildings or streets. Floral bouquets. Indoor plants.

Ingrid describes the experience of joy via tangible aesthetics. Things we can surround ourselves with and let the joy seep in. Let it surprise us when we get home and find it there waiting for us.




These are the first few chapters on surrounding yourself with Joy and finding it around you where it already exists. There are seven more that I won’t spoil here.

These three words, the images they fill my mind with and the feelings they evoke, are a great place to start.

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