I’m grateful for a lot of things this week.

I’m glad there is a lot because between devastating terrorist attacks, racist politicians, ongoing Brexit uncertainty and damaging hail storms, the news is pretty dark these days.

This week I’m grateful that:

  1. I’m currently visiting my family in Adelaide. Spending time with my cousins and their three little boys is too precious. They have so much energy! They adored it when the firies let them play with their hats and the fire hose on the back of the truck. I’m getting lots of cuddles!
  1. My friend delivered her gorgeous baby safe, healthy and all according to plan. I can’t wait to meet it. Both parents look ecstatic in the photos.
  1. I got to spend last weekend on the Gold Coast with good friends and their friendly puppy and found out some absolutely wonderful (still secret) news from other good friends who live up there. Can’t wait to join them all in September when we make the move.
  1. Next weekend my sister is coming home to visit. Tough luck that she’s not much of a hugger, I’m going to squish her with love. It’s been too long.
  2. Next weekend is also our second wedding anniversary!

Lots of life to celebrate.

Bubbling breeding beautiful life.

Lots of travel. Lots of family. Lots of friends.

Makes my heart sing and my cheeks ache from smiling.

What are you grateful for this week?