This is my ‘something I’m afraid of’

They say do something you’re afraid of every day. This is one of those things for me. Writing this. Early mornings is another.

If you meet me in person, you’ll describe me as quietly spoken. I prefer to call myself a listener, which is mostly true, especially at work where it’s essential.

Close family know I’m also a daydreamer and sometimes have to be told things two or three times because I’m lost somewhere in my head. Ah well. Insider tip: get me to write it down or put it in my calendar.

Blogging feels like it reveals part of the inner me. Not all. And not too deeply inner. But inner enough that I feel it.

Knowing that I’ve put words out there for other people to read is exhilarating. Even just a few hundred a day. Even after I’ve had a short story published.

But if I want to publish a novel, or more accurately multiple novels, then I had best get used to friends, family and strangers seeing a little deeper into my imagination than usual. Hopefully you enjoy what you find here as much as I do.

What’s one thing that scares you that you could try today?

Now think of another thing to try tomorrow …

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