Blogging or writing fiction?

Do I have to choose?

I don’t think so. I think blogging gets my mind ticking and the words flowing, which makes the fiction writing easier.

Time is always a tricky one. Obviously when I’m doing one, I can’t be doing the other.

But I think that by prioritising blogging, I prioritise writing and creativity. I prioritise connecting through words. That connection could be with myself, with you the reader, or with the universe at large. Plugging into the greater flow of ideas.

I could use this space to create characters and share snippets of dialogue and scenery. And maybe I will one day, but most days blogging for me is going to be about the input.

This is what I’m reading, watching, loving, thinking, seeing, listening too.

This minute … I’m on the bus home from the airport after a weekend in Adelaide. My husband is rewriting the lyrics to Adele’s Hello 😂

“Hello from the other side.

Whatsapp’s down and Messenger’s died.”

(Not true by the way)

I had the window seat on the plane and was in awe of the view. The squareness of the Australian landscape transformed by farms. The solid peaks the clouds formed, they looked like ice capped mountains. The lights of Sydney as we flew in from the west.

Do you find inspiration or amusement in the small things too?

2 thoughts on “Blogging or writing fiction?”

  1. I do find that blogging fuels my creativity for writing stories, poetry and any works in progress. Case in point, I had to go on a forced hiatus in the past month from my blog and I found it affected my writing and also my stress levels in daily life. So I’m back to blogging bravely!

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