Taking Small Steps

The ‘No Two Days in a Row’ rule from this post isn’t about doing the same thing each day or even every second day.

It’s about making progress.

Sometimes that happens in small steps, sometimes in big leaps. But without consistency of effort, it doesn’t happen at all.

Consistency is key to a lot of things.

Serendipitously, Katie Manitsas spoke of the importance of consistency at the talk I attended the other week.

Without consistency there can be no progress. We just flit around from idea to idea, and teacher to teacher. The moment we find something too confronting, too deep and meaningful, or too hard, we give up or move on to the next thing.

Sometimes you have to chip away at the aspirational piece with smaller SMARTer goals. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited.

I’ve signed up belatedly for Camp Nanowrimo with a goal of 3 hours per week (or 30 mins, 6 days per week). I’m hoping this will work better for me than a word count goal. Different minds work different ways?

Find me at Camp Nanowrimo under the username jessicamhamby.