Odd places to write

Do you write in any odd places? By odd I mean, not at a desk.

I do.

I write on my iPhone on the bus or train. I take my laptop on holiday and write in the car while my hubby drives. I’ll sit on a staircase and write. Or on a beanbag.

I wonder if it’s because I spend all day at work at the desk staring at spreadsheets.

Some people like a view. Others write in the basement. Given my penchant for writing on transportation, I guess I prefer a changing view.

Some people need absolute silence. Others music. At the moment I’m listening to Billie Holiday. She shot to the top of my playlist when I recently read The Paris Seamstress by Natasha Lester.

There’s no right or wrong way so long as the words get written.

This Easter we took an amazing trip down the south east coast of Australia visiting lots of beaches and seeing loads of native wildlife. I also wrote more in a ten day period in the passenger seat of the car and random BnBs than I’ve ever managed before. The car radio was the background noise and the view was an ever changing vista of outback or coastal Australia.

It’s now Monday morning and all I can think is bring back the holiday time!

How very human 😉

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