Keep going

I’ve hit the halfway mark in my current manuscript. The zero draft. The sh*tty first draft. The POS draft.

Self doubt is a devil. I’ve taken a couple of days ‘off’ to rest and refill the well, which is necessary for me. But makes it harder to slip back into it.

I saw Natasha Lester speak on the weekend. I got to chat with her, have a photo taken and my copy of her latest novel ‘The French Photographer’ signed. She told me to Keep Going. So that’s what I’m going to do. Keep Going.

At the RWA conference last year, another author told me the only difference between her and her sister when they both started writing romance novels years before was that she finished and her sister didn’t. That’s the most important thing. Getting to that finish line.

Camp Nanowrimo in April pushed me this far. Now I’ve got to double my efforts, hold onto my resolve and trust that I can do this.

I am so grateful for the supportive network of romance writers out there. Every day you inspire me.

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