Last legs

Wow – I’m sat in a laundromat in LA after eight weeks of travel across Canada and the US preparing for the last legs of our trip in Japan, and I’m just so grateful. 

It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a trip. We planned it all ourselves over a 6 month period, which felt like an achievement in itself considering we aren’t travel agents. This meant that every aspect was bespoke.

We’ve only had a couple of so-called busts:

  1. A travel company we booked for Niagara Falls in East Canada was not so legit, it went bust a month before we were due to  travel with them, and they are under investigation by the regulatory authorities. Oops. Instead, we hopped on a Gray Line bus and enjoyed a huge amount of freedom wandering around the falls and the town itself.  
  2. A half day here and there where we could have planned ‘something more’ or wished we had a car because everything was that little bit further away (eg Flagstaff to Sedona and back). But frankly, we needed the dead time to rest and recover! And it was in that dead time that you got to feel a little bit less ‘tourist’ and more ‘local’ 😀

A few of the highlights:

  1. West Canada – OMG – I cannot overstate the wild beauty of this terrain. It took my breath away. I was expecting mountains and lakes. But it gave MOUNTAINS AND LAKES AND WATERFALLS AND CANYONS AND RIVERS AND GLACIERS and everything all-caps. Not to be missed.
  2. New York – my first time ever. I’d been looking forward to it so much and it didn’t disappoint. Theatre, musicals, rooftop views, Staten Island ferry, Central Park and museums. 
  3. Nashville – the unexpected star of the US that blew us away with the Grand Ole Opry, the Gulch, live music and general vibe of the place. If I ever had to live in the US, I’d be begging for Nashville. Did I mention the food?! Family style restaurant Monell’s was to die for.
  4. Our last night in the US was spent in LA at the Hollywood Bowl with John Williams and the LA Phil enjoying the music from Star Wars, ET, Jurassic Park, Jane Eyre, Indiana Jones and more sat alongside 17,000 other people, many of whom were wielding lightsabers (in a totally friendly, non-threatening way). What a treat!

When I get back to Sydney, I plan to curate my diary and Chris’s photos to put together something more complete and coherent. But for now… consider this your taster.

By the way – I get a real thrill out of doing laundry in coin-operated laundromats in the US. It feels very Friends – you know the scene with Ross & Rachel when Rachel is doing her own laundry for the very first time? ❤

Japan – here we come!!

From the Highland Fluff and Fold Laundromat in LA,