Recent Reads

A summary of the books I’ve read and loved since mid-December or so.

  1. The Man Plan by Elise Ackers
    I loved this romantic comedy. Sweet girl/boy next door storyline with a hint of crazy and lot of heart. Cora is one determined lady! My favourite of her schemes was the busted tyre ruse. Brilliant!
  2. The Sunday Girl by Pip Drysdale
    The first half of this book had me so deep in Taylor’s POV and so disturbed by it that I nearly put it down. Thank goodness I didn’t, and it was so structurally spot on that it twisted at just the right moment to stop me from freaking out completely. Very well written. The selling description of The Girl on the Train with a dash of Bridget Jones was spot on.
  3. Anne of Green Gables by L M Montgomery
    I’ve heard so much about Anne with an E over the years and even more so recently after reading more about introverts and creatives that I was resolved to begin this series. I loved it! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try them.
  4. Dream More by Dolly Parton
    After visiting Nashville last year and seeing how big Dolly Parton is in the US, not just because of her amazing musical talent as both a singer and songwriter, but also Dollywood and the Imagination Library, I couldn’t walk past this sweet little motivational without giving it a read. “Dream More, Learn More, Care More, Be More.” What an inspiration.
  5. The Blue Rose by Kate Forsyth
    I loved Viviane and following her struggle through revolutionary France. She was poise and grace and hope personified. David on the other hand was a hopeless romantic, a bit of a git and remarkably self-absorbed. I adore the way Kate Forsyth blends history and fiction with a dash of magic, and how her characters are real even if that means you want to bat them over the head with the book sometimes.
  6. The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black
    The stunning conclusion to the Folk of the Air series. I loved this series. When you compare it to its contemporaries ACOTAR and TOG by Sarah J. Maas, I love how it calls out destructive and violent behaviour as destructive and violent and doesn’t pretend that it’s okay. SJM’s series tend to normalise/accept violent sexual relationships, or at least they appear to to me. Instead, Holly Black calls out that her faeries are cruel and violent and that it’s not okay. Holly’s heroine Jude fights back and brings the human perspective of knowing when she is crossing the line between human and Faerie behaviour, and the love to hate hero Cardan is as swoonworthy nuanced character. Love love love it.
  7. Disruption & Corruption by Jessica Shirvington
    I stumbled on this series in the new course I’m taking with AWC. Jessica was interviewed by Val & Al about creating characters and something clicked in my head. I immediately looked her up at my local library and devoured this two-part series in a few days of eager bingeing. It had me in stitches and outrage and swoon and repeat. Can’t wait to read more by this Aussie author.

Hope you find something you like in the above too. What have you been reading?


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