Reading like a writer

I'm trying to read like a writer. Choosing books that will inspire and educate me. Award winning and well-written, innovative and classic. However, that only gets me so far. I also have to feed my romance and self improvement addictions. Leaving aside academic papers for the day job and email correspondence for long distance family,… Continue reading Reading like a writer

In need of a Writing Reboot?

I set a goal for 31 July 2016 to reach the 30,000 word target of my novel. I'm still about 10,000 off. I've been stuck just below 20,000 for the last few weeks, and just can't seem to get past it. Tonight will be the night! Does this ever happen to you? What was the reason?… Continue reading In need of a Writing Reboot?

Liebster Award semi-acceptance

A long while ago, the lovely Lisa Lancaster nominated me for the Liebster Award. I want to thank her for welcoming me into a community of writers. She is candid, inspirational and makes me smile. She has fostered a wonderful group of fellow writers about her. What I really want to write is a novel. Lisa's done… Continue reading Liebster Award semi-acceptance

Writer’s post: the cinema of the mind

You know that moment in a dark cinema when the person next to you lifts their hand for a mouthful of popcorn and their watch catches in the light? It's enough. That small distraction breaks your suspension of disbelief. Suddenly, the film seems utterly daft and implausible. That is exactly how this week felt. Before I… Continue reading Writer’s post: the cinema of the mind

Productivity Commission- Intellectual Property in Australia | An aspiring author’s perspective

The Australian Government's Productivity Commission draft report on Intellectual Property has been released. I recommend you read at least these key points and recommendations. The Australian publishing industry is largely unhappy about it and I'm not surprised. What people are saying about it: Read the submissions page, if you like government-style documents. It is separated into… Continue reading Productivity Commission- Intellectual Property in Australia | An aspiring author’s perspective